„If you can dream it,
you can do it.“

(Walt Disney)

The film production company OPEN CIRCLE MEDIA develops content, produces, co-produces and co-finances feature films and TV-movies targeted at a broad audience.

OPEN CIRCLE´s ethos is a result of many years of experience gained from working in film circus. The company is built on a foundation of establishing a logical pool of strength, encouraging an open circle for partnerships, and embracing creative cooperation in partnership with open-minded, progressive thinking, innovative people.

By establishing the principle of open co-operation, we create the opportunity to establish a third, more preferable alternative, where success is achieved through the sharing of a collective vision and by working as a team to achieve common goals.

The Open Circle will incorporate values such as, continuity, unity, mutual growth, appreciation, flexibility, sincerity, honesty, positive dispute, harmony, sovereignty, innovative methodologies, vividness, risk disposition, quality of life, deep conversations, a glass of wine, excellent food, values, laughing, looking ahead, shared visions and dreams, fun and ideas.

We strongly believe that good ideas are worthwhile ideas.

We want to entertain our audience with meaningful and touching stories that create a memorable experience for the viewer, adding value, in some way, to their lives.